Top 10 Creative Family Homes

We've curated a list featuring 10 of our most favourite creative family homes from across the world.

10. The Genarri's, Paris A 1930's
Industrial style apartment furnished with vintage Danish furniture and Chinese rugs. The children's room has a purpose built bunk bed, with a stairs leading to a den just beneath the high ceiling. 
9. Madeline & Karl - Melbourne
The home of Australian designer Madeleine and printmaker Karl is a vibrant space with an abundance of wall art. Self described as 'old meets new with a dash of cluttered chaos', this home embraces the handmade and handcrafted. 
You can view Madeleine's work here


8. Malin Persson, Malmo
A peaceful Swedish home with a bold, dark colour palette and inviting children's toys. We particularly love the creative display of the many varieties of houseplants.
7. Emily Quinton, London
Makelight Founder Emily Quinton lives in this London home with her husband and four children. There is a huge emphasis on collaborative living spaces, with child friendly design elements in every room. We particularly love the monster artwork above, a project by the entire family.
6. Nina van de Goor, Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands
Ceramicist Nina's home features a 'gooey mix of street art and highbrow design' and the result is a fun and ever changeable creative backdrop to her family's everyday life. 
You can see Nina's work here
5. Aurelie Lecyuer, Nantes, France
This French apartment is a beautiful example of a relaxed, slow living interior. With an elegant deep blue and natural wood colour palette, this family home provides a peaceful sanctuary from the outside world.
4. Family home with rooftop terrace, Tokyo
This home by Swedish design studio ELDING OSCARSON offers a purpose built family space with a sunken lower floor, giving direct views to the garden. The minimalist home has clean white and pale wood colour palette, and the rooftop terrace offers a private outdoor space in a busy city.
3. Pascal Francois, Haubourdin, France
Photographer Pascal renovated an old waffle house into this joyous family home. Eclectic and heartfelt design elements make this a genuinely stylish and unaffected space. A must see.
2. Nadine Richter, Berlin
A former hat factory, this apartment is now a busy and energetic family home to designer Nadine and Photographer Lars Richter. Overflowing with practical family living solutions and child friendly design, this home creates a creative and nurturing environment for kids of all ages.
1. Tessa Hop, Amsterdam
This purpose built family home is situated in a little village on the outskirts of Amsterdam. It features relaxing pools of colour on waxed concrete surfaces, and pale natural woods and linen provide soothing texture. A beautiful example of a refined slow living interior, where childhood is nurtured. 
This concludes our neat list of ten homes, which is by no means exhaustive. We'd love to know your thoughts. 
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